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Parquet laying

Parquet laying

We perform all the range of parquet works on a turn-key basis: preparing of underlayment, laying, polishing, oiling, varnishing, etc.

There are many reason to choose parquet as flooring:

  • Parquet is aesthetically attractive and its color, texture and pattern can satisfy any customer's wish.
  • Parquet is environmentally safe, hygienic and anti-allergic flooring that causes no damage to your health.
  • Parquet is durable, time-proof and cost-effective material! Even after 50 years it can be polished and scraped to look absolutely new.
  • Parquet brings a part of the nature to your home and you feel warm and comfortable.
  • Parquet is the right choice for any lifestyle!

We perform exclusive parquet works according to individual design projects. Durability and beautiful appearance depend immediately on the quality of laying and underlayment preparing, i.e. on the professionalism of the layer.