Our company experts can perform any parquet works irrespective of their complexity.
We will prepare underlayment for parquet, solid and parquet board or laminate to be laid above. We have the most up-to-date technologies to work with problematic screeds (wet, weak, etc.).
High qualification of our personnel, quality materials and their competent application always allows us to provide the perfect quality.

Parquet laying

Parquet laying
We perform all the range of parquet works on a turn-key basis: preparing of underlayment, laying, polishing, oiling, varnishing, etc.

We perform exclusive parquet works according to individual design projects. Durability and beautiful appearance depend immediately on the quality of laying and underlayment preparing, i.e. on the professionalism of the layer.

There are many reason to choose parquet as flooring:

  • Parquet is esthetically attractive and its color, texture and pattern can satisfy any customer’s wish.
  • Parquet is environmentally safe, hygienical and antiallergic flooring that causes no damage to your health.
  • Parquet is durable, time-proof and cost-effective material! Even after 50 years it can be polished and scraped to look absolutely new.
  • Parquet brings a part of the nature to your home and you feel warm and comfortable.
  • Parquet is the right choice for any lifestyle!

Parquet Works

Any work connected with wooden floors, preparing of underlayment, parquet laying and finishing.

We offer full range of services: from veneer laying till finish varnishing.

Parquet/Floor Scraping

Parquet/Floor Scraping

Parquet restoring or processing of any wood floor. We use complete sets of polishing equipment and guarantee the absence of dust.

Parquet Polishing

Parquet Polishing

Parquet processing with fine paper or net. The finer processing is the more solidly and colorfully parquet looks.



Design is a very important stage of flooring process. Designer’s task is to understand your wishes, mood and taste and reflect them in the project.
Our designers can propose an original idea, develop it and obtain a result that is worth of you. All this can be implemented in an original design project.


Restoration Works

Plancher Deluxe Company performs any parquet restoration works.


Floor Coverings Care

Plancher Deluxe Company provides 1-year guarantee for the performed works. If your parquet floor have preserved its qualitative characteristics during the first year of life the chance of their reduction in the subsequent year due to producer fault is next to impossible.

One should remember that wood is live material sensible to environmental changes and continuously interacts with it. For parquet to retain its appearance for many years, one shall adhere to the basic rules of its exploitation.