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Types and technique of installing parquet

Herringbone pose

Today, there are many different types of flooring that can decorate any interior. The most common is the piece of parquet, consisting of wooden bars composed mainly of three layers. The value of the parquet depends mostly on the thickness and type of the upper layer. On the sides, grooves ensure the assembly and the tight fit of the floors. The assembly of this type of parquet can be complicated by the need to adapt the floors to each other. Therefore, there are several ways to install it allowing a tight fit of the blades. So, for example, a classic version: the herringbone pose. In this case, you can combine a tree of different shades to accentuate the image.

Basket pose

Another way of laying a parquet board in which it is possible to combine boards of different colors is called a basket. The pattern resembles a weave and is suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

Christmas tree pose

Another option, the so-called stackable stairs. Just as interesting as the "Christmas tree" pose, however, the pattern and the assembly process are much simpler. This simple change of technique when laying flooring gives a completely different effect to any room.

Deck pose

Another method of laying is called a “deck”. This is the parallel laying of long floorboards with or without an offset diagonally or parallel to one side of the room. Creative variants of stacking such floors with a displacement a little more chaotic are possible. The laying of the platform is executed with such offsets, which attracts the attention of every person who enters the room.

Squares pose

A floor laying that is very common in Canada, and in Montreal in particular, is what we call: in squares. This gives a more methodical and sophisticated look to the room, while the pose seems complicated and very elaborate. It is also one of the most practical and sustainable ways of laying a floor.

In addition to the wooden floor in parts described above, where each shawl adapts one by one, there is a modular parquet. It consists of a solid wood modeled on a wooden base. This parquet allows you to get a more complex pattern and at the same time easier to install. While this type of parquet can be seen in palaces and museums, today there are modern designs of modular parquet.

Modular parquetModular parquet