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Rules of use and care of wooden floors

When installing wooden floors, or if you already have some, and want to maintain their original appearance, several factors must be taken into account. The most important factor is the humidity in the room. The optimum humidity to maintain is between 40 to 60%. In addition, the optimum temperature range is from +14 C to +25 C degrees. Therefore, with seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, it is best to use an air conditioner in summer as well as in winter if needed.

With regards to the protection of the coating itself, modern manufacturers offer a wide range of varnishes that protect the wood against penetration of moisture into deeper layers of the wood. Therefore, if you follow the varnishing technology, your floors will be protected as much as possible from matting and deformation.

Parquet cleaning

When choosing a floor, remember that different types of wood react differently to changes in the climate of a room. For example, beech and pear are the most sensitive, while oak, alder and merbau, on the other hand, are very resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.

Naturally, when cleaning, wooden floors should not be flooded with excessive amounts of water. If cracks or scratches are detected, they must be removed. The gap must first be cleaned of dirt accumulated with a thin, solid object, then sealed with putty. It consists of wood glue mixed with chips of birch and oak. There is also a special repair varnish that can fill small cracks available on the market.

In areas where the floor is installed near a heating system, it must be remembered that floor heating pipes should be distributed as evenly as possible. The temperature over the entire surface should not exceed 27 C degrees. If this is the case, multilayer oak or maple flooring should not be installed as it will deteriorate over time.

Do not forget that with the care and respect of the simplest measures of maintaining temperature and humidity, parquet can last more than 50 years!