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History of hardwood floors

Hardwood has always been used to cover the floors of our houses. Little by little, narrower and shorter planks have replaced wider and longer planks. In fact, hardwood floor specialists have over time worked to give the surface different shapes, even creating drawings by spreading hardwood in one or another direction. That's when the term “hardwood floor” was born. The floor was now covered, decorated with natural wood, a texture of its own, and a floor sanding that today gives it a particularly beautiful and exquisite appearance. It should also be noted that initially this type of flooring and oil treatment was reserved only for the wealthy and affluent individuals who could afford it. Indeed, the floor service of the master who puts each board manually has always been very appreciated. It was only when the industrial method of parquet flooring came to replace the labor of the craftsman that hardwood floor began to be used in all newly built homes.

Consequently, it is not surprising that today hardwood is not only loved, but has also become widespread among all home and apartment owners. Indeed, despite the wide variety of flooring materials available on the market - ceramic, vinyl or concrete – hardwood flooring remains the favourite for all families in Quebec. In addition, one of the most important qualities of hardwood is its ecological aspect. It is always encouraged to coat the floor of any residential building with simple, durable materials that pose no danger to health. Of course, we must also emphasize the aesthetics of the floor, much more authentic, rich and natural than any other type of flooring.

So if you need to choose a hardwood, it is very important to learn as much information as possible about the different properties of the selected materials, especially before starting the hardwood installation, so as to not have to change everything once the job has begun. After all, wood has the property, under the influence of changes in temperature and humidity, to change its shape. This can even lead to crevices between hardwood planks! All these troubles, like many others, are avoidable if you entrust the choice of hardwood to a professional craftsman.

Installing hardwood floor in a bedroom is of course not a cheap treat! On the other hand, if your room is already covered with old parquet, it does not have to be completely changed. Good news: we can do the floor renovation! The advantage of using hardwood as a material over other flooring materials is mainly the fact that the hardwood can be reused and restored several times. The used layer is simply removed – this is called floor sanding – and it simply restores the wood to its full natural beauty, then it is covered with varnish to give it its richer, desirable shine.

Now there are many ways to give a beautiful look to your floor. The bottom line is simple – the hardwood floor cannot be rotten! If for example the floor during its utilization has constantly been flooded with water and never had time to completely dry, then this hardwood floor of course can unfortunately not be repaired or restored. The only solution is to replace this floor and invest in completely new wood, with a more durable varnish that can better protect your floor.

Nowadays, several types of hardwood boards are used to cover floors. The most popular one on the market is the "parquetry floor " that can be used in any big store. With this type of parquet, you can even have the wood in the form of a beautiful mosaic, with a more beautiful and aesthetically classic style. There is also another type of flooring known as "decorative flooring". Of course, this floor is much more expensive and not everyone can afford to use it. However, some technologies are under development and will allow us to produce this high quality decorative parquet at a lower cost. It is estimated that in the near future, this material will be available to a greater number of people wishing to decorate their home with this beautiful flooring.

The most popular types of trees in Quebec are charm, oak, birch, maple, ash and walnut. Oak flooring in particular is most often used for hardwood floors because it is not only extremely durable, but is also aesthetically pleasing with an individual structure. In addition, oak flooring is highly resistant to moisture. Over time it becomes darker, giving your floor a more noble hue. In short, it is durable and does not need to be repaired as often as the floor of many other types of wood. Birch hardwood flooring has no clear pattern and is very easy to handle. Like Oak, it is also very resistant, as well as impermeable to moisture. The maple hardwood has a soft pattern, it is very beautiful in the radial cut and is a perfect imitation of more rare and sought-after tree species. The ash hardwood has a slightly more homogeneous and light shade and stands out for its strength, flexibility and durability. Finally, we must also emphasize the importance and the need to cover your floor with varnish, regardless of the wood you have. Wood types all have their own characteristics, but ultimately it is the aesthetics that differentiates them the most.

After choosing which type of wood you prefer, you must find good specialists in the floor sanding service. Make sure they have their licenses in the floor service. The RBQ license generally serves as proof to consumers that employees may place the floor in compliance with all the best practices. In addition, parquet specialists must have all the necessary tools to install high quality parquet. Ask about the guarantee and free repair of faults during the year of operation. If all the work is done correctly, such a hardwood will last more than 80 years, depending on the type of wood!