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Interior style and types of parquet

When choosing the type of flooring it is important to take into account the different styles of interiors that can be offered to you. Each interior style adds a special atmosphere to your home and it is wise to take the time to think of everything. In particular, the quality, color and pattern of the wood can be an important stylistic element. Choosing the right type of parquet will make it easy to create an interior, no matter what stage of the project you are in.

We therefore propose to consider several styles of interiors that take into account the wooden floors and consider the role that wood plays in the creation of the interior.

Classic style

Let's start with the classic style. The classic interior design is characterized by monumentality, symmetry and harmony of lines. The feeling of reliability and durability is often achieved through the dark tones of the floor. It can be a parquet or board with a coating of dye and oil, as well as a more complex pattern that will create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. However, the parquet pattern will only be suitable in large rooms. The contrast of light colors on the inside with a dark floor creates a feeling of solemnity and elegance.

Neoclassical style

In the same order, the neoclassical style. We can see the example in its light version of the classic style, a new atmosphere is achieved by reducing the contrast between the floor and the rest of the interior, as well as glossy and lacquered surfaces interspersed with matte and felted, which gives a lighter and more modern style.

Baroque style

Other styles - lovers of black floors are Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau.

Let's move on to more modern interior styles.


There are styles in which the availability of natural materials, especially wood, is an integral stylistic device. For example, Eco-style, which advocates the use of mainly natural materials. The complexity of the design of this style may be due to the strong presence of different shades of wood, so if you gravitate around this stylistic direction, it is best to make a floor choice that is as neutral as possible. In addition, the soil must be matt to keep the tree as natural as possible.

Scandinavian style

Another style of the interior that emphasizes the use of natural materials is the Scandinavian style. This style is characterized by light colors, an abundance of light and a minimalist decor. When choosing flooring in this style, the clearest stylistic choice will be a wide and bright panel with a matte finish or, where appropriate, a shiny option.

Loft style

Another style which loves using wooden floor is the "Loft" style. This style is characterized by untreated brick walls, open ventilation, pipes, ceiling beams and ceilings. The lack of division between zones and the integrity of the space gave birth to a whole industry of accessories and furniture in the loft style. If we talk about the land in the Loft style, the floor must necessarily be old, aged or restored with a matte finish. In the presence of shiny metal surfaces, the matte floor will make the contrast even stronger and will emphasize the industrialization of this interior.

So, summarizing the above. When planning and selecting flooring, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: color, texture, wood, glossy or matte finish, as well as the model of the figure. Depending on the interior style you prefer, choose the wood qualities that will not contradict the basic idea of the chosen style. And do not forget to approach the question creatively.