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Interesting facts on your floor

Natural flooring has enjoyed unprecedented popularity for many centuries in housing buildings. This popularity is well deserved, since there is no other material that combines not only beauty, refinement and naturalness, but also strength, quality and durability hardwood floor. The naturalness of this type of flooring can give a certain glamor, chic and aesthetics to your home. In addition, medicine claims that walking barefoot on floors could be very useful because natural trees have various healing properties. We note that the "relationship" with natural materials has a beneficial effect on human health: the aroma of the tree, its structure, its appearance can fill our body with positive energy and neutralize the negative energy. And did you know that a hardwood floor covering like parquet has a very long history.

Parquet is considered one of the most expensive materials for flooring. This is due not only to the environment and natural character of the tree from which the floor is made, but also to the high costs of its production. A good quality natural parquet installed according to the rules of the art using the best possible coatings can serve the house and its inhabitants for many decades! From the floor of various kinds of trees can be created several models and beautiful shapes, which will emphasize the exclusivity of the interior and the tastes of its master.

Since antiquity, hardwood floor is considered a symbol of luxury, respectability and good taste. The floors of the most famous palaces and museums in the world are covered with hardwood floors. The variety of patterns and colors is amazing. France is positioning itself as the master in this art, since it has transformed this work into an art form! The Russians did not remain indifferent to this for of art either, and during their empire, from the time of Peter I, they were able to employ and adapt the best and most modern technologies used in Paris. For this reason we can see the wood and parquet used in the construction and decoration of Russian palaces, such as the famous Hermitage located in St. Petersburg.

In the design of modern parquet flooring, new ideas have also emerged. For example, in recent years, the "rustic" style has gained tremendous popularity! The warm golden colors of pine and birch emphasize a natural aesthetic that is obvious and sought after.

A type of parquet very interesting today is the one of cork. This hardwood is produced from oak bark or cork and has a number of significant advantages. The texture of the floor covering is interesting from the point of view of aesthetics, as well as its other characteristics: the floor offers a pleasant sound as well as a very good thermal protection, durability, reliability and excellent ease of use.

The most expensive floor in the world is Karelian birch parquet and ironwood flooring. In the first case, the floor is made of wood that grows partly in Russian Karelia, and partly in the neighboring Finland. This tree has unique characteristics. It has thickenings on the trunk, which makes the texture of the wood certainly singular. By the early nineteenth century, Karelian birch flooring was adorned in the noble houses of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Therefore, Karelian birch parquet is considered an invention purely of the Russian style.

Unlike Karelian birch, the iron tree was used to make parquet for even longer. An example would be the mosaics of medieval Persia, in which the masters are made from strips of iron wood floor, which are then laid in some important pieces. This could well be seen as a Persian version of the parquet. The iron tree is growing in Iran, as well as in parts of Azerbaijan. The pinkish color of the wood refers to the fact that ironwood flooring has long been called the glamorous parquet. It can be seen in the homes of many American pop stars. A square meter of this "glamorous" parquet made of iron tree can cost up to $1500.

Do not install hardwood floors in a room that is too dry or, conversely, too humid. In the first case, the hardwood can quickly crack because of drought and crackle under the pressures of simple daily use. In the second case, the floor can "bristle" because excessive humidity quickly increases the volume of the wood. Therefore, when it comes to taking care of your parquet, you must remember not to install it where there is excessive moisture, such as in a bathroom! We must also carefully choose the products that we use to clean the floor. Do not forget that chemical additives in some detergents can damage the floors.

To keep the hardwood floor in excellent condition for many years, you must use special cleaning products for your hardwood floor. They are sold in some construction hardware stores. On the other hand, sometimes they may not be very cheap. You have to remember that it is better to overpay for a detergent than pay for a new floor!