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History of floors
Hardwood has always been used to cover the floors of our houses. Little by little, narrower and shorter planks have replaced wider and longer planks. In fact, hardwood floor specialists have over time worked to give the surface different shapes, even creating drawings by spreading hardwood in one or another direction....
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Parquet laying
No matter how quickly modern industry develops, offering more and more solutions for decorative floor coverings, the classic still remains the classic, without the slightest intention to lose its place. Natural hardwood flooring will never be out of style or outdated, and will continue to attract lovers of exquisite classic interiors....
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Interesting facts on your floor
Natural flooring has enjoyed unprecedented popularity for many centuries in housing buildings. This popularity is well deserved, since there is no other material that combines not only beauty, refinement and naturalness, but also strength, quality and durability hardwood floor....
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Types and technique of installing parquet
Today, there are many different types of flooring that can decorate any interior. The most common is the piece of parquet, consisting of wooden bars composed mainly of three layers. The value of the parquet depends mostly on the thickness and type of the upper layer....
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Rules of use and care of wooden floors
When installing wooden floors, or if you already have some, and want to maintain their original appearance, several factors must be taken into account. The most important factor is the humidity in the room. The optimum humidity to maintain is between 40 to 60%. In addition, the optimum temperature range is from +14 C to +25 C degrees....
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Interior style and types of parquet
When choosing the type of flooring it is important to take into account the different styles of interiors that can be offered to you. Each interior style adds a special atmosphere to your home and it is wise to take the time to think of everything. In particular, the quality, color and pattern of the wood can be an important stylistic element....
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