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About us

Plancher Deluxe Company has been working on the Montreal market of parquet materials and technologies since 2002.

We offer the complete range of services for floor parqueting using all the modern technologies: design project development, parquet works on a turn-key basis and subsequent flooring treatment.

Your flooring can be produced of block parquet made of different wood species by standard laying or in a form of artistic parquet, of solid board that can be tinted, of laminate or parquet board.

We perform all the types of parquet works including partial repair and restoration. We have accumulated great experience in parquet laying, parquet scraping, floor scraping, parquet polishing and other parquet works. We have gathered a perfect team that is fond of its work and is skilled in it. All our workers received training and have appropriate certificates.

Main areas of our activities


Laminate, parquet and solid board laying

Parquet polishing

Parquet polishing (scraping)

Parquet is polished using unique modern equipment with no dust.

Parquet repair

Parquet repair (parquet restoration)

Restoring parquet to its original look.

Parquet spackling

Parquet spackling

Filling joints between parquet blocks (usually necessary after polishing) Parquet varnishing.

Parquet varnishing

Parquet varnishing

Environmentally safe materials are used according to international DIN standards. Quality, professionalism, adherence to technology.

Quality, professionalism, adherence to technology

Quality, professionalism, adherence to technology

Construction standards and customer's wishes are the main principles of our work.

Why we are recommended

  • We use proved task-specific materials.
  • We use up-to-date domestic and unique foreign equipment allowing to provide high quality service for reasonable price.
  • When an order has been drawn up with the complete information about an object the set sum is ultimate with no additional costs (if there are no additional services).
  • Individual approach to customer and qualified recommendations allow to obtain the optimal result.
  • All the works are performed by experts.
  • Operational flexibility and high quality level.
  • Preliminary visit of a technologist (expert consultation, cost estimating).
  • Parquet works (laying, polishing, varnishing) are performed with strict adherence to the technology on the final stage of general repair works not damaging already repaired areas.

Our substantial experience allows us to perform works of any complexity using the most up-to-date materials. We work with small and large areas, private individuals and governmental organizations.

Call us! We are always glad to give you a consultation.