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Our services

Floor coverings

  • Hardwood, raw or pre-varnished
  • Parquet, laminate flooring
  • Heating floor
  • Floor soundproofing for condos

Floor installation, sandign and finishing, renovation

  • Stairs, ramps and steps
  • Hardwood and softwood floors

Hardwood floor varnishing, additional works

  • Floor varnishing
  • Floor leveling and slope correction
  • Ceramic installation


Our company experts can perform any parquet works irrespective of their complexity. We will prepare underlayment for:

  • parquet
  • solid and parquet board
  • laminate to be laid above
  • tongue and groove joint floor

We have the most up-to-date technologies to work with problematic screeds (wet, weak, etc.).

High qualification of our personnel, quality materials and their competent application always allows us to provide the perfect quality.


About us

Plancher Deluxe company has been working on the Montreal market of parquet materials and technologies since 2002.

We offer the complete range of services for floor parqueting using all the modern technologies:

  • design project development
  • parquet works on a turn-key basis
  • subsequent floor treatment


We had finally installed the hardwood flooring that we've dreamed about, and I am glad to say that is looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I would also like to thank you for exceptional service and will definitely recommend you to others! Thanks again.
Jane Mogano
Your efforts at making this happen in a timely manner are greatly appreciated, and I think you can now add this project to your portfolio of happy customers.
Gerry Bridle
My floors are all installed and result is fantastic. Everyone who has seen it raves about it. I checked a lot of companies and even web sites before I contacted you and you were the best of all and had great pricing. I am a pleased customer.
Eric Broom
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